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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations
Savings Calculator

How Much Money Can You Save Using AutoAuditorium Systems?

Requiring some audience members to travel in order to attend a presentation incurs losses from unproductive hours and travel expenses.  These Travel Costs can be saved when folks view the presentation via the AutoAuditorium System! 

Also consider the value of having an informed organization.  We assume that the time spent attending a talk is productive, so there are costs for those people who would not or could not travel to a presentation.  We call these Uninformed People Costs

Also consider that not all travel has to be "long distance".  Even when the "other location" is just a "few miles" and a "few minutes" away the travel costs and times can add up and the decisions not to attend can multiply.

This calculator helps you determine how much you can save.  Fill in the fields with typical values for your organization.  (Fractional values, such as 1.5, are accepted.)  Then click the  Calculate Savings  button to see how quickly your AutoAuditorium System will pay back your investment.

When filling in the fields, consider if you want to use loaded salaries, which include overhead costs and taxes paid by the company. 

The default "Cost per Mile" for driving is the amount the Internal Revenue Service uses for deductible travel.  Is that value appropriate for your case?

Quick Answers  

  Click one of these prototypical cases, or fill in the form below.  
2 Presentations per month.
4 Presentations per month.
8 Presentations per month.
20 Presentations per month.

Monthly AutoAuditorium Savings When People Do Not Have To Travel
Presentations Requiring Travel
 Number per Month
 Hours per Presentation

Average Salary, per person
 Annual   Hourly 

Travel Costs
average, per person, per presentation
Driving and Riding, per round trip
 People Driving
 People Riding
 Business Hours Spent Driving & Riding
 Miles  Cost per Mile
 Tolls, Parking, etc.
Traveling by Public Transportation
 People Using Public Transportation
 Business Hours Spent Traveling
 Cost per Round Trip (air, rail, taxi, etc.) 
Lodging & Meals, per round trip
 People Charging Lodging & Meals
 Nights in Lodging    Cost per Night  
 Meals   Cost per Meal 

Uninformed People Costs
 People Missing, per presentation 

This link looks at the mathematics of this calculator.

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