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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations

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Make Every Presentation Into a Video

A large room full of people watching a presentation suggests that there are other people, unavailable at that time or not at that location, who would like to see the talk but cannot.  Their absence may be due to travel expense or restrictions, schedule conflicts, or a host of other reasons.  Televising that talk, via broadcast or recording, could serve those absent people. 

An AutoAuditorium System, featuring Foveal Systems' AutoAuditorium Controller, turns an ordinary auditorium into one that can automatically make broadcasts and recordings.  The system is permanently installed in the room and uses optical motion tracking (television cameras) to be "aware" of what is happening in the room.  It uses this awareness to televise the images and sound of the most common form of auditorium talk, a single person on a stage, speaking with projected visual aids to a local audience. 

Once turned on, the system is completely automatic.  The person on stage and the people in the local audience may not even be aware that it is on.  To remote audiences, an AutoAuditorium program gives the appearance of a professionally produced program although no camera crew or operator was necessary.

Automatic Camera Work, Switching and Sound

Automatic Tracking of the Speakers on Stage
The AutoAuditorium Tracking Camera is completely automatic, requires no targets and no transmitters, and automatically tracks the person or people on stage without requiring that they be identified to the system in any way. 

Automatic Shot Selection
The AutoAuditorium Director automatically makes shot selections among multiple cameras, based on what is happening in the program.  It also controls the timing of transitions and generation of special effects.

Automatic Audio Mixing
The system automatic mixes the audience and presenter audio to create a complete program sound track that is meaningful to local and remote audiences.  Most importantly, the remote audiences have the ability to hear audience questions and commentary.

Many Everyday Applications

When does an AutoAuditorium System work?

In any situation where a group of people come into a room and watch a presentation give by someone on a stage who uses projected visuals.  If there are so many people in that room, the bet is there are others who could be served with a recording or broadcast. 

Some examples of such presentations are:

Using the AutoAuditorium System can bring many benefits; See System Benefits

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