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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations
Savings Calculator --
How the Calculations Are Performed

Hourly Salary = Annual Salary / 2000
  = Annual Salary / ( 40 hours/week  x  50 weeks )

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Monthly AutoAuditorium Savings When People Do Not Have To Travel
The Calculations
Presentations Requiring Travel
 Number per Month
 Hours per Presentation

Average Salary, per person
 Annual   Hourly 
$$    Hourly Salary

Travel Costs
average, per person, per presentation
Driving and Riding, per round trip
 People Driving
 People Riding
 Business Hours Spent Driving & Riding
 Miles  Cost per Mile
 Tolls, Parking, etc.
Traveling by Public Transportation
 People Using Public Transportation
 Business Hours Spent Traveling
 Cost per Round Trip (air, rail, taxi, etc.) 
Lodging & Meals, per round trip
 People Charging Lodging & Meals
 Nights in Lodging    Cost per Night  
 Meals   Cost per Meal 

Uninformed People Costs
 People Missing, per presentation 

Travel Costs ...
... for People Driving and Riding
Business Hours Spent Driving & Riding  x  Hourly Salary  x  ( People Driving  +  People Riding )   Salaries
Miles  x  Cost per Mile  x  People Driving   Mileage
Tolls, Parking, etc.  x  People Driving   Tolls, Parking, etc.
... for People Traveling by Public Transportation
Business Hours Spent Traveling  x  Hourly Salary  x  People Using Public Transportation   Salaries
Cost per Round Trip (airfare, taxi, etc.)  x  People Using Public Transportation   Cost per Round Trip
... for People Charging Lodging & Meals
Nights in Lodging  x  Cost per Night  x  People Charging Lodging & Meals   Nights in Lodging
Meals  x  Cost per Meal  x  People Charging Lodging & Meals   Meals

Savings per Presentation
 Driving Salaries  +  Mileage  +  Tolls, Parking, etc.  +  Public Transportation Salaries  +  Cost per Round Trip  +  Nights in Lodging  +  Meals   Travel Costs 
 Hours per Presentation  x  Hourly Salary  x  People Missing, per presentation   Uninformed People Costs 
 Travel  +  Uninformed People   Total Savings per Presentation 

 Number per Month   Presentations per Month 
Total Savings  x  Number per Month   Savings per Month

System Level
Pays Back In ...
 Basic    ( 60000.00 / Savings per Month )  Months
 Standard    ( 90000.00 / Savings per Month )  Months
 Professional    ( 120000.00 / Savings per Month )  Months

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